Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Qui premiere new video featuring ex-singer David Yow & more via Noisey, release new single this month

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"Qui are back at it, dosing their shreddy punk tantrums with arty aplomb and surprising harmony." -- SPIN

L.A. duo Qui premiere a new video today featuring the band's former lead singer David Yow (The Jesus Lizard) and Kevin Rutmanis (Melvins, Cows) via Noisey. The clip for the song "I Definitely Love You" is culled from the band's forthcoming new single out October 21st on Joyful Noise and available to watch/share HERE. (Direct YouTube link HERE.)

Qui are currently in the midst of a lengthy European tour, which will be followed by Southern California shows supporting Moving Units and a series of West Coast dates to be announced soon. Please see current dates below.

Qui & Secret Fun Club released a split 7" single on September 23rd via Three.One.G. Listen to/share Qui's "Feel My Body" HERE. The band's recently released album Life, Water, Living... is available to stream/share HERE.

If the third full length by L.A. duo Qui sounds like a radical departure, you probably were never really listening properly in the first place. Sure, perfectly taut vocal harmonies and precise, sparse instrumentation supplants much of the band's early fume-huffing punk-noise here, but their penchant for challenging, button-pushing ideas is stronger than ever. Qui also employed harmonies and experimental structures on their previous album Love's Miracle (2007) with former vocalist David Yow. But, Life, Water, Living... is clearly the band's most meticulously refined effort at using melody and harmony as subversive weapons. 

After a 5-year absence, Qui is once again back to the original duo formed in 2000 by drummer/vocalist
Paul Christensen and guitarist/vocalist Matt Cronk. Life, Water, Living... features inventive song structures and warped pop sensibilities reminiscent of early Sparks and Frank Zappa with Queen-style harmonies... or something like if Badfinger were the Melvins. Throughout, it's an album that subtly commands attention as it shifts from a soft whisper to a chuckle to a scream. 

Life, Water, Living... was produced by renowned engineer Toshi Kasai and Melvins drummer Dale Crover at Entourage Studios in Los Angeles. The album was released on February 25th, 2014 on LP, CD and download in partnership with Cobraside Distribution.

10/21 Osio sopra / Bergamo, IT @ Joe Koala
10/23 Milano, IT @ Bloom (w/ Sebadoh)
10/26 Pisa, IT @ Borderline Club 
10/27 Cremona, IT @ Il Fico
10/28 Brescia, IT @ Lio Bar
10/31 Velenje, SL @ Klub eMCe plac
12/04 Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theater (w/ Moving Units)
12/05 San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick (w/ Moving Units)

Artist: Qui
Album:  Life, Water, Living...
Label: Cobraside Distribution
Release Date: February 25th, 2014

01. Kicked Out of Mime College
02. Life, Water, Living... (VIDEO)
03. Mucho Sex in America (VIDEO)
04. Awkward Human Interest (VIDEO)
05. Boogie Down Disappointment
06. The Kind of Jazz This Is
07. Proof of Bass
08. Songbirds
09. You're a Girl
10. Whateryadoin? (VIDEO)
11. Ham Spray

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Russian Circles announce first four of 10th anniversary shows

Russian Circles celebrate their 10th year as a band starting this December with a series of special shows on the East Coast and Denver with more dates in January to be announced soon. Sargent House label mates Mutoid Man (a new trio featuring guitarist Stephen Brodsky of Cave In, drummer Ben Koller of Converge and bassist Nick Cageao) support on the first 3 shows. 

Russian Circles formed in Chicago in 2004 by guitarist Mike Sullivan and drummer Dave Turncrantz. The trio's 2006 debut Enter quickly established the band amongst heavy instrumentalist peers. With the addition of former Botch and These Arms Are Snakes bassist Brian Cook on their second album Station, Russian Circles solidified its lineup. To date the band has released 5 critically-praised albums and continues to headline tours worldwide.

Russian Circles' most recent album Memorial is available on LP, CD and download worldwide via Sargent House, released on October 29th, 2013. Stream/share Memorial in full HERE

12/10  Cambridge, MA @ The Sinclair *
12/11  Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg *
12/12  Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts *
12/27  Denver, CO @ Gothic Theater 

* w/ Mutoid Man

Artist: Russian Circles
Album: Memorial (STREAM)
Label: Sargent House
Release date: October 29th, 2013

Track list:
01. Memoriam
02. Deficit 
03. 1777 
04. Cheyenne
05. Burial
06. Ethel
07. Lebaron
08. Memorial 

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Sleepmakeswaves nominated for second ARIA award for sophomore album, share new video

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Sydney, Australia's melodic instrumental rock quartet sleepmakeswaves' sophomore album Love of Cartography has been nominated for an ARIA award (Australia's equivalent of the Grammys), as was the band's 2011 debut. The band also shares the first video from the album, for the track "Great Northern" today. Watch/share video HERE

Following their ARIA-nominated debut (Australia's equivalent of the Grammy Awards) ...and so we destroyed everything, the band has created their most epic, intricate and powerful record to date. The album presents the band's continued desire to map new creative directions within an instrumental rock framework, established over a series of outstanding and thunderous sequences. 

The band's heavy touring schedule of the past three years (sharing stages with 65daysofstatic, Karnivool, Tortoise and Russian Circles) has honed their powerful live energy, which has been captured impressively on the album.

Recorded in Byron Bay at Studio 301 with producer Nick DiDia (Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against The Machine), the album's 10 tracks range from the epic bombast of "Perfect Detonator" to the delicate and subtle electronic flourishes of "A Little Spark."

Love of Cartography will be available in North America on LP, CD and download on September 23rd via Bird's Robe Records

Artist: sleepmakeswaves
Album: Love of Cartography
Label: Bird's Robe Records
Release Date: September 23, 2014  

01. Perfect Detonator
02. Traced In Constellations (STREAM)
03. Singularity
04. Emergent
05. Great Northern (VIDEO)
06. The Stars Are Stigmata 
07. A Little Spark
08. How We Built The Ocean
09. Something Like Avalanches
10. Your Time Will Come Again

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

70s punk legends Mike Hudson & The Pagans share first track from forthcoming first new album in 20+ years 

Cleveland 70s punk legends Mike Hudson & The Pagans share the first track from the band's first new album in 24 years today via Consequence of Sound. The album's title track, "Hollywood High" is available to stream/share HERE. (Direct Soundcloud HERE.)

Hollywood High is a very personal account of Hudson's former muse that's as direct and unapologetic as one would expect from the man who penned the punk classic "What's This Sh*t Called Love?"

"The front cover is a photo of Evita Corby taken by the legendary Irish crooner and bass player Phil Lynott in the dining room of legendary LA club owner Elmer Valentine's house, which burned down shortly afterward," Hudson explains. "The songs on this record are about Mrs. Corby, who I fell madly in love with when the famous LA / Detroit band The Dogs did a cover version of 'Her Name Was Jane,' a song I wrote almost 40 years ago. They flew me out here, she was the chick in the video, our first date was a week in Vegas. Evita is probably best known as the cover girl on Iggy and the Stooges Kill City LP and as the wife of Michael Corby, who fronted the well known 80's band The Babys. I wrote the novel Fame Wh*re about her and wrote this record about her as well. She was my everything."

Mike Hudson is a survivor. Hudson didn’t earn the designation on a reality show, or by crying on Oprah’s couch. He was born to it - born to chart the folly of man in words and song, like a bard, hell, like The Bard. That is, if ol’ Billy Shakespeare had been raised in Cleveland, Ohio, destined to chronicle the bad decisions and scrapped-metal dreams of a post-Boom generation.

If this all sounds highfalutin to you, perhaps you are unacquainted with Mr. Hudson’s oeuvre. Hudson’s forty year journey through the peaks and valleys of a life fully lived begins in the mid-1970s with The Pagans. A band as crucial to the development -- and perfection -- of American punk as Black Flag, The Misfits or The Germs, The Pagans were a tumultuous group, always on the edge of breaking up or the verge of breaking down. Fueled by lust, chemicals, and the lust for chemicals, The Pagans burned through the late ‘70s and early ‘80s with an intoxicating sense of desperation. Their patchwork discography is a protracted howl of discontent, of frustration, of strangled romance set against Cleveland’s jagged skyline, a single flame burning bright in the night.

But we are not here to provide you with a history lesson. For that, we refer you to Hudson’s soul-scorching memoir Diary of a Punk. After all, we are here to praise Hudson, not bury him. Hudson’s obituary remains unwritten, and his poison pen has retained its deadly prick. After years of sporadic live shows, and genre-redefining collections, The Pagans return with new music that lives and breathes in the present. Except this time, the air filling Hudson’s lungs is the salt-tinged, sun-kissed breeze coming off the Pacific, a stark contrast to the smoke-choked Mistake by the Lake.

After a long stint as a crime reporter in Niagara Falls, New York (see his book Niagara Falls Confidential), Hudson headed West, to the balmier climes of Southern California. Inspired by his new surroundings, Hudson assembled a new incarnation of his legendary band and presents us with a full-length album. The inaugural release of Los Angeles’ Ruin Discos, Hollywood High is a return to form for Hudson. It finds Hudson in fine voice and backed by a stellar cast of musicians, including Phil Lynott's songwriting partner Jimmy Bain (who also played in Dio and Rainbow) on bass, Keith Christopher (Georgia Satellites) on slide guitar, Crazy Marvin Braxton (B.B. King, Ray Charles) on harmonica, Tony Matteucci (The Dogs, Etta James) on drums, and Loren Molinare -- who produced & co-wrote most of the songs with Hudson -- on lead guitar. The man’s throat drips with passion and venom in equal measure. Based upon this new album, Hudson has added romance to his repertoire. Whereas before, any romance to be had in a Hudson song was doomed from the get-go.

On Hollywood High’s opening track “I Need a Date,” Mike sounds as close to giddy as we’ve heard him. The title track follows, hinting at that well-earned doom, but a palpable sense of hope radiates. “Death Letter” is the blues, a juke-joint murder ballad, but one where the killer is full of remorse, and longs to jump in the grave he has just finished digging. “Fame Wh*re” is the album’s centerpiece, a poetic rumination on life, love and madness that recalls the underrated A Monster and The Devil, a masterful 1987 collaboration with The Styrenes. The vibe here is less jazz and more rock n’ roll. It’s sad and it’s beautiful, and Hudson excels in both of these modes. “Just Got Up” brings the old-school snot, showcasing Hudson’s voice in all of its ragged glory. The man’s still got it. Do you? Hollywood High closes with a spirited run-through of latter-day Pagans classic “(Us and) All of Our Friends are So Messed Up.” We are fortunate to have people like Mike Hudson -- hardscrabble folk who have made it through the darkness, and come back to tell us what they have learned. It’s time to listen.

Hollywood High will be available on LP and download via Ruin Discos on November 4th, 2014. 

Artist: Mike Hudson & The Pagans
Album: Hollywood High
Label: Ruin Discos
Release Date: November 4th, 2014

01) I Want a Date
02) Hollywood High (STREAM)
03) Death Letter
04) Detention Home
05) Fame Wh*re
06) I Just Got Up
07) Dark Angel
08) (Us and) All Our Friends Are So Messed Up

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Three.One.G label launches west coast tour today featuring Retox, Doomsday Student and Hot Nerds

Three of San Diego intrepid underground punk label Three.One.G’s roster hit the road together today for a package tour up the West Coast. These include label founder and head Justin Pearson's band Retox along with Providence, RI's Doomsday Student (ex-Arab On Radar) and noisy dance-punk trio Hot Nerds. Please see complete dates below.

The label, now in its 20th year, cut its teeth with releases by The Blood Brothers, The Locust, Black Dice, Moving Units and more. And, it continues to explore a wide variety of unique experimental hardcore punk-based sounds with upcoming releases from Doomsday Student on October 21st and Hot Nerds in February 2015. Doomsday Student A Walk Through Hysteria Park LP. Former Arab On Radar and The Chinese Stars members reconvene for more ferocious noise spasms. Listen to/share "Lifeboat Blues" HERE.

Please get in touch about anything Three.One.G related.

10/03  San Diego, CA @ The Hideout
10/04  Santa Ana, CA @ Constellation Room
10/05  San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge
10/06  Portland, OR @ Slabtown
10/07  Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge
10/08  Sacramento, CA @ Press Club
10/09  Santa Cruz, CA @ Catalyst Atrium
10/10  Ventura, CA @ Garage
10/11  Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Pink Avalanche share first track from forthcoming album, announce tour w/ Survival Knife (ex-Unwound)

Chicago quartet Pink Avalanche share the first track from their forthcoming album today via Brooklyn Vegan. The powerful melodic crunch of "In Empty Spaces" is available to hear/share HERE. (Soundcloud HERE.)

Pink Avalanche take to the road in November supporting not one, but TWO bands featuring former members of 90s indie rock darlings Unwound: Survival Knife and Hungry Ghost. See complete dates below.

The title of Pink Avalanche’s sophomore album The Luminous Heart of Nowhere might evoke a sense of an ethereal void, but its music is firmly rooted in midwestern underground rock. The band’s driving, bold melodic sound hearkens to that of myriad midwestern noisemakers like Rodan, Arcwelder and Naked Raygun. That’s not to suggest Pink Avalanche has any sort of retro vibe, but rather that their music clearly captures the essence of their surroundings. 

Oddly enough, guitarist/vocalist Che Arthur (ex-Atombombpocketknife) is rarely home. Working as a highly sought-after live sound engineer for Bob Mould, Russian Circles, This Will Destroy You, Silversun Pickups and more, he spends much of his time on the road. But, as Pink Avalanche reunites Arthur with drummer Adam Reach (The Poison Arrows) - the two of whom had previously played together in the Chicago/Alabama trio Universal Life and Accident, as well as on Arthur’s solo albums - it’s clearly somewhat of a musical homecoming. 

The band began as an in-studio writing project between the pair, tracking basic versions of song as they wrote them. An album quickly began to take shape, and Arthur and Reach began to realize it was time to become a full band. Enter guitarist Kortland Chase (ex-Chatty Cathy) and bassist Pete Croke (Tight Phantomz, Brokeback), their friends and equally seasoned musicians in the Chicago scene. 

From that point, Pink Avalanche took its name from a rare variety of lily flowers and released their debut album Wraiths in late May 2013. Many local and regional stints later, the band entered the studio with Arthur engineering in early 2014 to record The Luminous Heart of Nowhere, an album sure to establish Pink Avalanche as heirs to a revitalized era of heartland post-punk. 

The Luminous Heart of Nowhere will be available everywhere on LP and download on November 18th, 2014 via Past/Futures Records.

11/14  Chicago, IL @ Subterranean *
11/15  Grand Rapids, MI @ Founder's Brewery *
11/16  Columbus, OH @ Double Happiness *
11/17  Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop *
11/18  Philadelphia, PA @ The Boot and Saddle *
11/19  Washington, DC @ DC9 *
11/20  Allston, MA @ Great Scott *
11/21  Pawtucket, RI @ The Met *
11/22  Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar * w/ Obits

* w/ Survival Knife, Hungry Ghost

Artist: Pink Avalanche
Album: The Luminous Heart of Nowhere
Label: Past/Futures Records
Release Date: November 18th, 2014

01) Chalk and Crimson
02) Petals
03) You Lost Me
04) Oath
05) Silver Tongue
06) Trapped In Amber
07) _
08) In Empty Spaces (STREAM)
09) _
10) Orbiter Amaranth
11) Breathe Deep
12) Carbon Blank

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Bee vs. Moth share first video from new album, launch Fall tour tonight

Click image to watch video

“I fall in love with maybe two, maybe three jazz records a year. But every once in a while something comes along and perks me up. I hear the sounds of Ornette Coleman and the band Television. And sometimes in the same song.” - Bob Boilen, NPR

Austin jazz-punk group Bee vs. Moth share the first video from their new album today via Austin Chronicle. The clip for the album opener "It Looked Good In The Showroom" is available to watch and share HERE. The band is also streaming the entire album (all tracks cleared for posting) HERE.

Bee vs. Moth also launch U.S. tour dates following a hometown album release party at Spider House Ballroom tonight. Please see complete dates below.

PopMatters premiered the woozy and weird tune "Problems With Crowds" previously, available to hear and share HERE

Bassist Philip Moody and drummer Sarah Norris started Bee vs. Moth together, and began performing in 2004. The band has since grown into a diverse, rotating cast with ambitious arrangements featured in film and television scores, original videos, and live shows in Austin and throughout the country. 

Shelter in Place delivers the power and wit Bee vs. Moth fans expect from a band that likes its jazz served with a New Wave punch. But for this record, their third studio release, the band adds a kaleidoscope of new sounds with strings, saxes, brass, organ, and found percussion front and center. Working in a garage studio for several months with friends from varied corners of Austin's music scene, the band expanded its creative process to produce a focused and intensely creative result.

Shelter in Place will be released September 9th, 2014 on CD and download. The record follows the band’s 2007 debut, Soundhorn, and 2010's acclaimed Acronyms.

Bee vs. Moth also continues to produce unique film and recording projects. The 2012 SXSW Film Festival commissioned the band to debut a new silent film score for Ernst Lubitsch's The Oyster Princess (1919). This followed Bee vs. Moth’s acclaimed score to Buster Keaton’s The Cameraman. The band’s songs made their second appearance in a season of PBS’ Roadtrip Nation. Currently, Bee vs. Moth is collaborating with Austin band The Invincible Czars to re-imagine the symphonic masterpiece Pictures at an Exhibition for an 11-piece double rock band, complete with horns, strings, guitars, drums, and percussion.

09/19 Austin, TX @ Spider House Ballroom w/ Peter Stopschinski and Foot Patrol
09/26 New Orleans, LA @ The Beatnik 
09/27 Atlanta, GA @ Eyedrum
09/28 Chapel Hill, NC @ The Cave
09/29 Raleigh, NC @ Slim's Downtown
09/30 Hamden, CT @ private house concert w/ 11twelve13
10/01 Boston, MA @ TT the Bear's Place w Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band
10/02 New York, NY @ Pianos
10/03 Pittsburgh, PA @ VIA Festival - Thunderbird Cafe
10/04 Washington, DC @ Sonic Circuits Festival
10/05 Indianapolis, IN @ The Melody Inn
10/06 Tulsa, OK @ The Soundpony

Artist: Bee vs. Moth
Album: Shelter In Place
Label: Aggraveire Music
Release Date: Sept. 9th, 2014

01) It Looked Good In The Showroom
02) Pitch Helmet
03) Machine Room Reverie
04) The Snitch
05) Loop 78
06) Capt. Frank B. Earnest
07) The Buffet of Knowledge
08) Your Dime Ain’t Worth a Nickel (in the Jukebox of My Heart)
09) Problems with Crowds (STREAM)
10) Prints & Photographs
11) Dilute Fantastic

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